V&M Vertical Shad

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Built to excel in a variety of vertical applications, the V&M Vertical Shad offers a highly realistic profile that takes baitfish imitation to a whole new level. The V&M Vertical Shad features an extremely lifelike body shape that includes pectoral fins and a forked tail, which creates an erratic darting and gliding action with secondary fin movements when twitched for the ultimate in realism.

Perfect for vertical jigging and a dropshot, the V&M Vertical Shad mates up seamlessly with a small jighead or a nose hook and is absolutely deadly during those times when the fish are lethargic or suspended and you need to slow down your presentation to trigger a bite. The V&M Vertical Shad is also infused with a heavy dose of scent that will tempt even the most wary fish into biting and make fish hold on longer, giving you more time to set the hook. Offered in a wide selection of baitfish inspired colors, the V&M Vertical Shad is a must-have for tough conditions.